Hours of operation

Camp is open depending on the Nature “snow and cold”

Opens -Usually memorial weekend in may is opening        Closes – Mid-September is closing

Prices are as followed

Camping 20  per night
Day Use 10
Boat Use 15 Per day
Fire wood 10 Bundle (generous bundle)
Shower  2 per shower per person
Electric Cord 5 per day if available and with in ranges of power cord
Seasonal 275 per month (water and electricity available)
Must remove trailers and RVs at closing due to the large amount of snow and damage it will cause if left

Any questions please call, 509 701-7869 please remember there is no service up at the lake just one of the wonderful ways people can unwind, so it may be up to a couple of days before I am able to get back with you but i will get back to all.


Contact us

509 701-7869 email me





Historical Weather

Below are weather averages from 1971 to 2000 according to data gathered from the nearest official weather station. The nearest weather station for both precipitation and temperature measurements is PRIEST RIVER EXP which is approximately 16 miles away and has an elevation of 2,380 feet (1,226 feet lower than North Skookum Campground). Because the nearest station and this geographic feature may have differences in elevation and topography, the historic weather at the two separate locations may be different as well.

Average Daily Temperatures by Month (°F)

Average Monthly Precipitation (in inches)

Month Precip AVG High Temp AVG Low Temp
January 3.74″ 30.4° 18.7°
February 3.12″ 36.1° 21.3°
March 2.72″ 45.4° 24.9°
April 2.25″ 56.6° 29.6°
May 2.60″ 66.5° 37.0°
June 2.24″ 73.5° 42.7°
July 1.39″ 81.4° 45.6°
August 1.32″ 81.7° 44.5°
September 1.43″ 71.1° 37.1°
October 1.92″ 55.5° 30.4°
November 4.30″ 37.6° 25.6°
December 4.39″ 30.6° 20.1°

Summer High Temps


This location’s average summer high temps are lower than 79% of other locations on record.

Winter Low Temps


This location’s average winter low temps are lower than 51% of other locations on record.

Precipitation Levels


This location’s average precipitation levels are lower than 59% of other locations on record.


Elevation Fishing Access Fishing Methods Angling Season
3,500′ 2X4, 4X4, and boat. Fly Spring, summer and fall.

North Skookum is a popular lake found in a setting of forested mountains about 20 miles north of Newport. This lake has a boat launch and a dock. You can fish, camp, hike, swim, and canoe while visiting. Beavers, ducks osprey and great blue herons can be seen at the lake.

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This lake is completely undeveloped there is no electric outlets and such, there are bathrooms and showers. You will have to drive about 4 miles to get a cell signal, we will have a camp host available.

Amenities and facilities are few in primitive campgrounds like North Skookum Campground. At this primitive campground you can get a nicer wilderness experience than you would get at a more civilized campground. Natural beauty surrounds this primitive campground; following you arrive at a primitive campground like North Skookum Campground you’ll realize it was well worth the effort getting here. Some folks choose North Skookum Campground so they can go to Kaniksu National Forest.

Quite a lot of enjoyable stuff to do near North Skookum Campground, and what a tremendous site for camping it is. North Skookum Campground is incredibly popular with the folks who want to leave the modern world behind and truly unwind with no pressures of a world busily doing its thing. You will know what it felt like a 100 years ago with out those pressures of the busy world. We purposely have picked this camp because there is no cell service, you can get texts in and out every 20 to 30 minutes as our phones get a second of a signal.

a lot of outdoors recreation available in the neighborhood such as hiking, swimming, fishing, whitewater paddling, and the many workshops and events, so you won’t run out of things to do. You’ve been indoors for too long, and North Skookum Campground in Washington is such a tremendous experience. There is a store with a good selections of stuff about 15 minutes away, for a larger store like Safeway it is about 30 minutes away.

Its hard to imagine no modern devices, but after spending a week with a community of survivors where no one judges anyone in a place with no worldly pressures, once you get back to your normal life all you will think about is how nice that was as you will find yourself planing for the next year.

This hidden jewel is not highly traveled as will tell just by the drive, the paved road stops and the last5 or 6 miles is dirt roads and you will think you must be going the wrong way when there is all of a sudden this beautiful untouched lake that will feel like you went back into time to a world that brain injury is the normal, realizing we are great because of this injury who now is part of who we are this incredible person with so much to share and offer a society that seems so far a way that barely knows we exist. You will leave feeling refreshed inspired with a driven hope for a tomorrow that you decide.

North Skookum Camp Ground (208) 304-0773